Light Therapy

Our skin is the largest organ in the body. Covering an area of up to two square meters, it protects us from harmful elements like UVA and UVB light. These elements have an adverse effect on the health and beauty of our skin. Now, an exciting new technology in skin treatment is being performed in the world’s most prestigious spas, restoring the skin’s beauty and well-being.

Light therapy uses a scientifically designed red light to stimulate deep in the skin tissue and awaken the body’s natural healing mechanisms, improving skin tone and elasticity and countering the effects of aging. This light source does not contain harmful UVA or UVB light, and has been used by hospital dermatology and oncology clinics for over a decade. The treatment is relaxing as well as beneficial, resulting in a feeling of peace and well-being during and after your session. Although the time needed for ideal results varies from person to person, you will often see a brighter, smoother, and cleaner complexion after the first treatment.

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