Girls just wanna have fun…The other night we held a Hairy Girls Get-together at Niya Laser Spa. A group of friends (there were 5 ladies) book their appointments together at the  spa and enjoyed an evening of fun while taking care of some hairy business.  Each gal took her turn getting laser hair removal done in their desired area and then were treated to a half hour detox facial or chemical peel.   Once all of the treatments were completed at the spa, we all headed out for a delicious meal across the street in Greek town.

Sometimes it’s hard to find time in your hectic schedule to take care of all of your necessary appointments.  However, with a little co-ordination, which we will be happy to do for you, you will a fun evening with your friends, receive a spa treatment or two and finally enjoy a delicious meal.  Not only did we all have a blast, but we get to do it all again in 6 weeks time (the required time in-between laser hair removal treatments.)

Niya’s spa parties can include, laser hair removal treatments, facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion and even massage therapy.  We are thrilled to host these gatherings and offer special personalized pricing for each group.  Having a wedding shower, girls night, baby shower…why not offer your guests facials!  We will come to your home during your event and offer your guests a choice of a facial or chemical peel, that’s just right for their skin.

We look forward to hosting your next girls (and guys) spa party!

Nadia ;0)