Hair free for Life.  Simply put, that is the number one absolutely awesome benefit of Laser Hair Removal.  If that isn’t reason enough, imagine how much time it would save you.  No hopping around in the shower with a blade on date night.  No more waiting for the hair on your body to grow long enough to be ripped out with wax.  No more plucking, bleaching or ingrown hairs. All the various methods are so 1900’s.  We have gone from horse and buggy to smart cars that park themselves.  We have evolved from telephones attached to the wall with a rotary dial to having a tiny handheld super computer phone in our pockets. Record players to online music.  Everything is moving forward for the better.  You don’t need to hold onto the old way of doing things.  Try something new, for free.

Not only will it save you time and money but it will also save your skin too. The scaring from sensitivity to waxing.  A shaving accident (we have all had a few of those). The darkening of your underarms, face and bikini line from the repetitive damage of course hairs underneath your skin.  With laser hair removal, your skin can return to amazing soft baby-like skin.

Be awesome. Call for your complimentary patch test and consultation. I know you will be thrilled you did and will say, what I hear everyday from my awesome clients “I wish I had done this sooner.”

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