It always amazes me how quickly time goes flies.  Though the ages, I know people have said this time and again.  But it always rings true.

With the passing of time, the advancements in the world are amazing.  We have cell phones that do just about everything you can think of, including start your car; thermostats that actually learn your habits of heating & cooling, vacuums that can operate by themselves and a million other gadgets.

So, I have to wonder why people are still choosing the archaic methods of hair removal.  Doesn’t the thought of ripping hair out of your flesh with hot wax, sound like something from the dark ages?  Only to have angry red itchy ingrown hairs return in its place. Then repeat again in a few weeks.

Or how about using a blade to slice the hair from the service of your skin (hopefully not slicing your skin) and doing this again daily?  It’s like having to mow the lawn every day.

Many that I have asked say that it’s because of the high cost of Laser Hair Removal.  However, you will be amazed at how affordable it actually is now.  In some cases, we are in fact, similar or cheaper than getting waxed,  and with Laser it is a means to an end, as it is permanent hair removal – FOREVER.

Now I know I sound biased, because I operate a Laser Hair Removal Spa, however I am proud to say “I too have learned the error of my ways.”  I previously was employed in the corporate world of hospitality.  I tried Laser Hair Removal because I hated waxing, shaving, plucking, threading…and continually dealing with hair removal.  Once I saw the results, ZAP! I was hooked (even though back then it cost me a small fortune, it was worth it).  My life was altered forever.  I changed careers, studied and opened Niya Laser Spa in Toronto, with the goal of making Laser Hair Removal accessible, safe and affordable.

I guarantee that my services are unique as the spa is small; it’s a fun  ‘one on one’  personalized treatment experience.   In addition, I continually monitor local Laser Hair Removal prices to ensure we are the most reasonably priced.  We offer amazing monthly specials between 25% to 60% off.

Come and try Niya Laser Spa’s $20 Tuesdays* or $40 Fridays*.  It’s less expensive than waxing, and you can be totally hair free in as little as 6 months.

I invite you to start 2013 off with a brilliant investment in YOURSELF.


*$20 Tuesdays: between 2pm – 4pm, laser hair removal treatment on upper lip

*$40 Fridays: between 2pm-4pm, laser hair removal treatment on underarms or upper lip & chin or sideburns.