I am overjoyed about the success of another Niya Laser Spa’s  ‘Hairy Girls Evening’, although we will have to     update the name, as men are now attending.

The energy and quality of the evening is thrilling.  It began as a few girls car pooling to receive  some Laser Hair Removal Treatments.  It then expanded to Laser, Facials and Light Therapy Photo Facials followed by a delicious dinner in Greek Town on the Danforth.  Happily, the hype of our amusingly named bi-monthly event ‘Hairy Girls Club’ spread.  More ladies joined in and a brave man as well.

I so look forward to this reoccurring event, as it is a time for some vital and necessary grooming treatments and pampering.  However, more importantly it is a time for a group of upbeat individuals to gather and simply enjoy themselves.  No one is judging, competing, malicious or threatened.  We share our highs and chuckle at our crazy bloopers.  Our hilarity and enjoyment is contagious.  Even at the end of the evening on our walk along The Danforth, the Starbucks barista asks us about our overwhelming joy and inquires about how she can join the fun.

We welcome everyone who wants to be a part of our event.  With the only condition being that you are a positive person that will add to our ‘bubble of happiness’ (I know sounds very corny but so very true).

Who knew that treating your unwanted hair was so fun???

Hope to see you at the next Hairy Girls & Guys Club Event

Nadia Rahman

Niya Laser Spa