What does it all mean?  In a time at which our dictionary’s are growing, as new words and terminology pop up, how do you keep track of what it all really means?  Does it actually mean anything?  With regards to skin care products, there are a lot of buzz words out there, but be careful, they don’t mean what you think.  Natural…Non-toxic…and my favorite term “Dermatologist Tested.”

I was fortunate, many years ago, before Niya Laser Spa was launched, to have a great Dermatologist, who explained that “Dermatologist Tested”, is not a term that carries much if any weight.  One if the truly  important terms is “non comedogenic” or simply “does not clog pores”.  If those words are not on the packaging when buying retail skin care products or cosmetics, I will not buy it.

Happily,  I no longer have any concerns with my skin care.  After many years of  sampling various product lines, I have been united with PCA Skin. These medical grade products are amazing. No buzz words or fancy packaging, just pure concentrated ingrediates with well proven results.

To learn more about the true meaning of the descriptive words found on products today check out this great article. I came upon it while following @DeepakChopra on Twitter (written by Beth Greer).

Enjoy the article and read your labels carefully!