With the change of seasons, many people begin to see changes in their skin as well.  Here in Toronto, along with the cold weather, wind, and indoor heating, our skin starts to dry out and become dull.  For this reason, a professional chemical peel is a huge benefit to your skin.

Typically, during this time of the year, the outermost layer of the skin, the stratum corneum, can become compromised, rendering it unable to hold moisture within, which further limits the ability for creams and serums to penetrate.  Thus, the skin can begin to look and feel ashy, dehydrated, cracked and irritated.

In order to boost the skins natural cell turnover, and keep it healthy and functioning at its best, regular professional treatments such as a chemical peel or enzyme treatment are recommended.   These treatments will not only make the skin look brighter; it will also allow important topically applied products which contain antioxidants and other valuable ingredients to deliver maximum benefits to the skin.

Many of my clients’ main concern about having a chemical peel or enzyme treatment done, is that they will be visibly red or peeling over the holidays.  On the contrary, your skin will look luminous.  The dull layer of dead skin will be removed, allowing the fresh new skin to be infused with antioxidants, vitamin C and E, and other ingredients personalized for each client.

A really great peel to try is the PCA Deep Pore and Detox Peel, applied professionally with medical grade ingredients that will make your skin glow.  At Niya Laser Spa, we are offering a Holiday Spirit Special Peel’ for only $50, that’s 50% off.

I keep getting compliments on my skin, people asking if I got Botox.”  Maria G. a client of mine told me this a week after having her first ever chemical Peel.  What a great compliment!

One final thing to remember, often we neglect to wear SPF during the winter, but it is still one of the best things that you can do to prevent further aging to your skin.  I recommend swapping your foundation for a tinted SPF or adding the SPF to your daily moisturizer.  I currently am using Elta MD Physical Tinted SPF 41, (broad spectrum, oil-free & water resistant) it’s amazing and light and has just enough tint to give an even skin tone.  I loved it so much that we are now offering Elta MD SPF at the spa, come in for a complimentary sample.

Happy Holidays!